Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Brand New Beginning

This is one piece I have been restless to write for years. Have seen many Brand NEW Beginnings & Brand NEW Innings and have attended many lectures on Brands and Branding & done many presentations on the same subject, but this one time in all these years, actually took me to the beginning. What is a Brand New Beginning?

As a Brand Design Consultant I was approached to give my credentials on how to make a brand & how to begin the branding process for one of our new partners in progress.

In the first meeting I was inundated with what our partner was planning for the yet to be born brand. It almost seemed like a Daddy (or I should say Daddy’s - directors) planning for a soon to come baby in the family. There was excitement & thrill because it was their first family baby. They narrated all the preparations they had done right from the beginning like
  • Hiring the best sales guy from the industry (most experienced nanny),
  • Importing a state of art machine to produce in bulk ( imported nutritious supplements),
  • Assortment of packaging they were eyeing to become ( clothing & comforting products),  
  • Their distributors list (places they would send their baby for growth).
It all seemed so nicely planned & thoughtful that it made me relax for a moment (like a doctor who was going to deliver their baby to the brand new world). While in some corner there was anxiety too, about delivering the brand (baby), what if something went wrong, something unexpected, something due to ignorance or negligence, I was also starting to get worried about the over planned and over concerned partners (parents).  They even went to the extent of sharing the names which they were planning to keep without even deciding on the positioning (without knowing if it was a boy or girl). 

I had never seen such excitement in the eyes of a partner but then Branding is all about that, I told myself.

It makes you restless, it makes you probe, it makes you cautious, and it pushes you for perfection.

I got the deal. My credentials as a brand design consultant (doctor) were approved.
By the second meeting our partners had become relaxed knowing that I was going to perform the duties of their Brand New Beginning. They had come down on their level of anxiety and were more ready to listen about our preparations (the operating process).
  • What we needed to create a path for long term success (bring the baby nice and carefully)
  • How we were planning to execute (day & time of the delivery).
Everything seemed to be going fine.

By the third meeting our partners had finished doing their own research on the Brand New Beginning & were ready with their thoughts (of good parenting tips).

The dates of brand presentation were decided & we were a GO!

Today we delivered & not one but many daddies of the baby (directors) were impressed & satisfied. Good features, good looks, great physique & by gods will a good future is in the making. My heartiest Congratulations to them & Wish their family a Prosperous Life (with the Brand new beginning).

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