Monday, January 2, 2012

Why bring in the New Year at Midnight when it is so cold?

Rings any bell? Do you remember what you were doing when the arms of clock were on top of each other? Hope you were not being carried in others arms because you could not hold your ground, forget the glass. Never mind, it’s not about how much you were high above the ground but about whether you lost sight of the ground reality.
Even our country got freedom at midnight 65 years ago. How is achieving freedom at midnight different from New Year’s arrival? May be I will have the answers at the end of this New Year. So much to see and so much to go through, yet. I have not kept the title because I don’t know how to read a calendar. Please!!
At midnight when everyone was partying hard or harder than any other night because it was being done to replace the calendar the next morning, I was trying to grab, in whatever senses I was awake, the world around me. People were partying terribly, I don’t know why. Some were drinking more than their bottles could hold, some were eating what their bowels had never imagined consuming, some were dancing as if they had decided to buy new pair of shoes the next day, some were driving faster than what their peddle was designed for, some were singing as if it was the last day to apply for Sa re gama pa and some were laughing out so loud as if they had paid all the premiums of their health insurance.
I was partying hard too with my family and friends and gobbling a full course buffet after midnight.
I was wondering why people had paid so much to welcome just another date in the calendar, another year subtracted from their life. I know what you must be thinking, he is so cheap. I am from the same creed so please don’t despise. One elderly person’s wise advice I do remember though. He said, “If you spend more than you have on the New Year night you will never run out of money in the coming year”. He also said once, “At the stroke of midnight, if you solve a maths problem from the most difficult chapter, you will never do wrong with calculation of money”. I wonder which New Year was that, but do repent not doing it then. Such was a New Year once upon in time. But last year, no matter where the food inflation was headed, it knew where to end up, ultimately.
While everybody was wishing and greeting each other on the New Year ’s Eve, those who had come as guests for the party by paying a handsome amount of money, there were a whole lot of species who were making sure that the former were enjoying to the hilt and not forgetting to help them accomplish their superficial love and compassion. Was it a New Year only for those who paid to party? Nobody seemed to bother to wish the people who were trying to ensure happiness was unrestricted and flowed like bottles of IMFL (that was unlimited). What kind of people are we? If we feel that New Year is for the rich and famous, those who can pay to party, that too at the beginning of a New Year, what are we going to do in the whole of the year. What are we starting with and why are we starting it at all? I pity those who feel that wishes are not meant to be spent like the money they spent the whole year in random things that don’t even have any remembrance. IMFL can flow unlimited because you pay for it to access but to share love and compassion it needs to be registered without a white badge and black bow on white shirt.  
This story is not purposed to carry a social message nor is it about philanthropy. It is about what we did at the moment which was supposed to change the tracks of our life. What we were supposed to do in the shadow of dark overlooking the glitterati of fire power? While our heads were held high, spinning like a charkha, weaving the threads of an impossible future, somewhere down below, our heart was floating like ice on cold drinks. Why are we so cold?