Monday, February 13, 2012

Invasion of brand aliens

The invasion of brand aliens

Brands have always introduced to us animated characters that we never imagined before. These animated characters are supposed to hook up on our minds and facilitate recall. But sometimes things go overboard.
Anyways, but that’s how brands behave sometimes.
Brands that have successfully leveraged the animated characters are Vodafone, Mortein, recently Kitkat with birds and squirrels, Mentos, Android Apps and the list goes on.
Recently I came across very unique characters for a toothpaste brand. At first glance, I felt that I have seen them somewhere. Accurately speaking, the characters I am talking about are of Domex. The toilet civilians that share the space with us, living in colonies their aim is to control our lives and health in a negative way.
Jaggu Jaundice and his friends and soldiers are always attempting to command a position in their battle with the housewife. We have seen Jaggu and his friends do many antics to scare the s#$@ out of us but recently I was surprised to see that they could even travel. Or if I may say, they are really travel freaks and you could even expect them in your towel, slippers and god knows where all. They are actually expanding their territory and only time will tell where all they can travel to.
Something which shocked me further was to find out that a toothpaste brand from the same company uses the same characters to show how effectively it works in cleaning the teeth and maintain better oral hygiene. If you watch closely, towards the end of the ad, which has the superstar/ baadshaah of Bollywood educating his son on the good things about the toothpaste, it shows some aliens (germs) who resemble the toilet civilians.
Were these animated alien characters used in the toothpaste ad due to lack of imagination or since they were idle and doing nothing, so better put them to some other work.
Hope someone is not getting inspired parallel for a business proposition and gearing up to start recruitment services of such aliens, Jaggu’s family and friends.
The day could not be far, when Jaggu is seen in box office hits, through brand placement in films. Or its creator is given the critics award for best horror performance.


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