Saturday, September 11, 2010

How not to look at your employees when you are new

Often a change of leadership leaves employees wondering about the next best or the worst thing that could happen.
While many choose to remain silent and go with the flow, some take proactive measures to know the change and the guard. They will seem to agree and disagree with the lead and often try to impose similar thoughts upon others. They basically are unconscious people and want to be the first one to join the gang. They will be seen opening all chapters of no consequence to them and revealing stories that would win them the confidence of the lead. They don't seen to know what they are supposed to do, so spend a lot of time in the past. They don't realize that they behave like obstacles for so many others who would otherwise devote time to share the positive plans. They often give their judgement about people and what they think about them because of this and that. A new leader should beware of such species and try not to get caught by their attention seeking behavior. The leader should not develop any perception by listening rather should analyze and understand people on their own over time.
There are some, often in minority who really don't know what is going to happen or why did all this happen. They are happy to assume that may be the new lead will air their beliefs and expectations or even dues. They are the ones who get all different stories about the lead from sources unknown and as alien as their thoughts. They seem to portray that they know the reason, the person, the past and are very sure of what they would do. All this to hide under their own fears or lack of knowledge. They seem to assess what people say about their beliefs and information shared, or who is on which side, who can be trusted with the new change of guard and who should not be. They confuse people more than their lives.
There are still some who don't seem to lose the pace or the path. They are the ones who were and are working for the organization. They are the ones who hold the strings and the pillars of the organization. They do not intrude or interfere with the new lead. They let the lead settle and come to terms with the business. They gradually let the lead discover the secret sauce of the organization over a period of time. They believe in preserving the knowledge and very shy in disclosing stuff. They have a wait and watch policy. Often a lot of important information never gets revealed that might be crucial for the lead. This is harmful as these people tend to use the same to show their superiority over colleagues or even the lead.
Still others who always complain of how the past was always better than the present without knowing the future or the new lead. They seem to be convinced that the new lead could not even half match up. This is not by their wisdom, but by the lack of security and identity crisis. They seem to know that they will not be asked or even called for or introduced if they don't take the initiative. They seem to be driving on the unknown pride of their past with equal anonymity as feared for the future.
In scarce numbers are those who want to change themselves at the behest of the organizational change. These are ever evolving people who look for a base always. They will suddenly seem to be over active and responsive to command. They will work hard and try to push themselves to complete work. But all this is very short term. Very soon they will realize that nobody is paying attention and so they will retract and be themselves as always. They will again go back to their philosophy/den that nothing can be done here, nothing can improve, nothing will change and so on. This is all because they are themselves very impractical and believers in instant gratification and not long term hard work and benefits.
These are some personal observations of my experience at work.

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